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Award Winners of the 2019 Paint the Town Labor Day Show

30 Aug 2019 3:53 PM | Anonymous

Congratulations to the award winners of the 2019 Paint the Town Labor Day Show:

Kensington Category

First Place (The Bertha Clum Award):  Paula Zeller, Frankly Pizza Magic
Second Place: Paola Luther, Almost Home

Third Place: Jennifer Beaudet, Start at Noyes

Honorable Mention: Eve Sandmeyer, Kensington Corners

Honorable Mention: Robert LeMar, Kensington@Night

Honorable Mention: Dianne Stewart, Tunnel’s End

Honorable Mention: Lis Zadravec, The Happy Place

Honorable Mention: Alden Schofield, Kensington Grapes

Honorable Mention: Lisa Denison, Broken Americana


First Place: Alden Schofield, Misty Morn

Second Place: Frankie Lydon, Spring: Virginia Woods
Third Place: Meredith Way Morris, “Montevideo Road

Honorable Mention: Carol Starr, T-rusty Skiff
Honorable Mention: Debbie Miller, Sunset Moment

Honorable Mention: Ricky Sears, Following Light
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Beaudet, Midtown Possibilities

Honorable Mention: Eve Sandmeyer, Teahouse Reflections

Portrait, People and Animals

First Place: Dora Patin, Symbiosis
Second Place: Paula Zeller, Holding it Together
Third Place: Evan Goldman, Old Man

Honorable Mention: Galina Kolosovskaya, Good Girl
Honorable Mention: Ting Rao, Sunflower Field

Honorable Mention: Karen Lantner, America the Beautiful

Still Life

First Place: Tim Weedlun, Tangelo Cocktail
Second Place: Ellen Yahuda, High Pressure
Third Place: Paola Luther, Pure Love

Honorable Mention: Galina Kolosovskaya, Still Life with Pumpkin Flowers
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Barlow, The Mighty Avocado

Honorable Mention: Sandra Schraibman, Sunny Spot


First Place: Terry Pellmar, The Outing
Second Place: Elissa Leibowitz Poma, Antes de la Tormenta
Third Place: Paula Eiblum, Is This What Heaven Looks Like?

Honorable Mention: Gail Neal, Marine Dragons of Tasmania

Honorable Mention: Pauline Rakis, Journey

Honorable Mention: Sandra Edmonson, Deserted Way

3D Sculpture

First Place: Iris Grundler, Vase with Japanese Maple Leaves
Second Place: Sandra Perez-Ramos, Mangrove
Third Place: James Vissari, Morality

Plein Air Competition

First Place: Rajendra KC, Kensington Farmers' Market
Second Place: Leonardo Ramos, Front Yard
Third Place: Laurie Basham, Come In, We're Open
Honorable Mention: Nicole Gordon, House on Carroll Fawcett Street
Honorable Mention: Jeanne Powell, A Navy House
Honorable Mention: Ann Schaefer, Drumm Avenue Geometry

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