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  • 27 Dec 2021 2:00 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Ellen Sherfey 

    Montgomery Art Association, (MAA), collaborates this fourth time with Washington Metro Oasis in an in-person exhibit at Oasis Art Gallery (January 10 – April 15, 2022). 65 artists individually express texture, color, design, and inspiration through representational and abstract art for an immersive experience in creativity!

    Rosemary Yue, “Abstract Seas”, Acrylic                                            

    High-chroma sea views, one broad, one specific, enrich sensitivity to nature’s brilliant, fleeting moments. Primary colors, such as represented here, marvelously describe how our minds grasp the excitement of such experiences. While the exhibit is open for viewing for 3 months, please know that the artworks are bound to find delighted owners. Monthly blogs during the show will talk about what’s going on and engage your senses with more of the artwork on display.

    Danielle Bensky, “Spawning”, Acrylic

    Workshops are conducted by MAA members in varied media and techniques! (Information available through the links above or contacts below.)

    Oasis Gallery is in Westfield Montgomery Mall, 7125 Democracy Blvd., Bethesda, MD 20817, in the mall’s southwest corner near the upper level of Macy’s Home; hours Mon-Sat, 10-5.

    Oasis and MAA Contact Information

    Washington Metro Oasis

    (240) 800-3745



    Montgomery Art Association




  • 24 Dec 2021 7:35 AM | Kathleen Tynan (Administrator)

    Lives in:  Chevy Chase, DC, however I grew up in Paris, France.

    Social Media:    

    Media and Subjects:  Acrylic on canvass, paintings often combining human figures and nature in a style I call Narrative Symbolism.

    Why you joined MAA:  I joined MAA to participate in activities with fellow artists in the area.

    Something fun about you:  I cannot work well unless I have my daily walk in Chevy Chase neighborhood where I love to see confetti on my iPhone when I do 10,000 steps.

    Artist's Biography:  Danielle Bensky is a mature visual artist living in Washington, DC, but spending time annually in France and Mexico.  She was trained in both painting and sculpture in France and the U.S., moving from oils to stone and bronze and finally to acrylics.  She has produced several public sculpts.  In the Washington, DC area, notably at the National Rehabilitation Hospital, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Georgetown University Campus and other locations.  In Paris, she has exhibited her work at the Grand Palais and UNESCO, as well as in private galleries.  She has also enjoyed a one-woman show at the Maison Francaise of the French Embassy in Washington.  She lives with her Australian husband, whereas their only son and grandson are established in Tokyo, Japan.  Danielle and her husband love to travel and have enjoyed countries as diverse as Greece, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Qatar, Oman and Australia.  

    Her Paintings and Sculptures

    Fragments of the Unknown Mosaic 1 and 2 - Acrylic on Canvas - 36"x24"

    the twin paintings entitled Fragments of an Unknown Mosaic are inspired by themes which are both fundamental and common to many cultures.  From time immemorial, shamanism presented the Tree of the World and the Eden story of the Hebrew Bible presents an intimate connection between Eve, the Tree Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life.  These two paintings show a narrative progression from a symbiosis between Woman and Tree, where one gives life to the other, to a face to face between two creatures who are both Woman and Tree, locking arms or branches in a celebration of creative forces.  

    Cradle of Life 1- Resin  - H 25" x W 48"

    These twinned sculpts are inspired by archetypal themes surrounding the mysteries of life and creation welling up from the Unconscious.  In Cradles of Life 1, whose enigmatic serenity reminds the viewer of iconography from Ancient Egypt, the stillness belies the hidden stirrings of germination within a tutelary goddess symbolizing Natures's promise.  In the companion sculpture, Cradle of Life 2, we are closer to the explosion of energy in the frenetic dances of Dionysus.  However, when viewed in reverse, we return to stillness at the close of the day and the shadows of the Beyond, completing the cycle of life, death and rebirth. 

    Cradle of Life 2 - Resin - H 42" x W 50" 


  • 20 Dec 2021 8:37 AM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    Members of Montgomery Art Association come from all walks of life and their artworks and creative processes reflect this wonderful variety. In this blog, we invite you to enjoy a selection of pieces that explore the theme of black/white/gray. Scroll down to enjoy a lovely array of ideas!

    Elizabeth Amanda ElginMoonbathing (11x14" oil on cradled panel). I love painting horses and think they are the most majestic animals.

    Shayna HellerThe Lozenge Menorah (Fused Glass, 4 x 10 x 5”). This one was a lot of fun to make. A harlequin/lozenge theme inspired pattern of white diamonds dance across this fused glass menorah. I’m not jesting, just trying to bring a smile and an extra bit of fun to our Chanukah nights with these festive lights.

    Maria-Elena LazarteVintage Silver Teapot (Oil painting on linen panel 8x8”). I love to paint still life and study the form and how the light travels throughout the objects.

    Martina SestakovaDiving Right In (4x6", acrylic ink on yupo). This painting ponders the courage to keep going: to dive into areas in our lives we don't always understand. I am reminded of the underwater world in the textures and shapes in this artwork.

    Judith LevineThe Death of Andrea (I Hurt) (Conte Crayon on paper). This is a very sad piece for me. Andrea was a very dear friend and her death was completely unexpected.

    Peijisan Art, A Winter's Day (Digital painting). This piece plays with how it feels on a cold winters walk when you look up at the falling snow among the tree limbs. I felt the monochromatic color choices helped to evoke that cold stillness that happens during our coldest season. 

    Christopher Hoppe, Landscape (16 x 20" Charcoal on Paper). A moment when I was hiking as a teenager a very long time ago.

    Dora Patin, The Lost Wish (12x12” oil on panel). I painted this piece as a part of my First Friends series, which is about young children’ strong attachment to an object that gives them comfort. This painting is about joy turning into sadness, when this stuffed animal won’t become the object of love due to pregnancy loss. 

    Vicky SurlesMrs. Richard Brinsley Sheridan (after Thomas Gainsborough) (Pencil 5 x 7”). Many years ago, I used to work at the National Gallery of Art as a guard - so I could get to know all the art! I did many small sketches of my favorites.

    Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the artworks of our members! Be sure to check out our other blogs as we celebrate the unique artworks of DMV-based artists.

  • 12 Dec 2021 9:15 AM | Anonymous

    Congratulations to Best in Show winner Stacy Yochum and Paula Eiblum, Robert LeMar, Kathy Tynan, and Patricia Zannie, who all took first-place awards in the Rockville Art League Juried Members Winter Show.

    The following 48 MAA members were juried into the show: David Allen, Nancy Arons, Ken Bachman, Marcia Bhorjee, Sushila Bloom, Holly Buehler, Jennifer Crouch, Sarah Clayton Davis, Janet DeWoskin, Paula Eiblum, Susan Sinclair Galego, Lawrence Greenfield, Joan Grosfeld, Stephanie Gustavson, Jennifer Howard, Lee Ann Howdershell, Bill Johnson, Lily Kak, Cecile Kirpatrick, Jim Klumpner, Leslie Kraff, Angela Lacy, Joanne Lamm, Karen Lantner, Cecelia Laurendeau, Maria Elena Lazarte, Robin Lazarus-Berlin, Robert Le Mar, Jennifer Lubell, John MacArthur, Gale Marcus, Isabella Martire, Karen Merkin, Simin Parvaz, Sharon Reinckens, Myra Ryan, LeAnne Sawyers, Patrick Sieg, Penny Smith, Pritha Srinivasan, Carol Starr, Elizabeth Steel, Antonia Tiu, Kathleen Tynan, Helen Wood, Stacy Yochum, Patricia Zannie, and Paula Zeller. 

    The show runs through January 14 at Glenview Mansion in Rockville. 

    Shown below are a selection of works that members submitted for our Member Happenings newsletter:

    Drawn to Life by Jennifer Crouch

    No. 63 by James Klumpner

  • 1 Dec 2021 8:28 AM | Kathleen Tynan (Administrator)

    Lives in: Adamstown, Maryland. (However, I grew up in Gaithersburg and Germantown.  Most of my client sessions are located in Montgomery County.)

    Social Media:  and

    Media and subjects: Photography, including lifestyle family, senior, newborns, and nature fine art.

    Why you joined MAA: I joined MAA to learn from the community of artists in the area.

    Something fun about you: I’m a Lensbaby Ambassador and love using creative lens to create blur in my images.

    Artist's Biography: Regina Boston of RMB Photography is a photographer from Maryland. My family keeps me busy and I love every minute of them: seven kids, ages 10-21, one grandbaby and two adorable dogs. I was born & raised in Montgomery County, Maryland, and recently moved to Adamstown in the country and are enjoying a slower pace of life. I started taking pictures when I was in my early teens of my dolls. It wasn't until I was in my early twenties that I took a Photography 100 class at a local community college, using film and a dark room. That class re-sparked the joy of photography for me and I have been photographing consistently since then.  Other than that class, I am self-taught and have learned a ton through online photography courses. I feel the best way to grow is to keep learning and practicing. I have been traveling around northern Virginia, DC and Maryland capturing photo sessions ever since. 

    Photography has opened up a whole new perspective for me. I love to capture subjects as they are, and help people notice small beautiful details in the world around us. I use a natural style of photography, preferring to highlight the moments that make the subject special and unique. I capture moments of playful children and family connections, instead of waiting for a ‘perfect’ expression.  I specialize in newborn, child, senior and family photography. 

  • 28 Nov 2021 8:49 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    Members of Montgomery Art Association come from all walks of life and their artworks and creative processes reflect this wonderful variety. In this blog, we invite you to enjoy a selection of pieces that explore the theme of Fall. Scroll down to enjoy a lovely array of ideas!

    Jean Fin, "Purple Dream" (18x20” acrylic on canvas). This was one of my first attempts to paint more than one blossom.

    Maria-Elena Lazarte, "Purple African Violets" (oil painting on linen panel 5x7”). I love to paint flowers and gardening. I have different colors of the African violets growing in my home and this one of them.

    Marti Wells, "Enchanted Autumn" (4x8" watercolor). I put down some colors I liked. With a wet brush I shaped the trees.

    Martina Sestakova"What Is Best for You" (Acrylic on yupo 10x8"). This painting is a visual meditation on our best interest in terms of our mental and physical health. Being aware of keeps us going and brings us joy. Enjoy this vibrant piece!

    Christopher Hoppe (oil on canvas 24x36"). My perspective of looking up at really tall trees laying on the forest ground during fall.

    Judith Levine, "Cloud Walker" (9x12" watercolor on paper). I didn't really have a vision other than a figure when I started, just soaked my paper and began adding paints. And then, suddenly, it was there and it felt right.

    Amelia De Silva, "Iris" (oil on canvas 8x11"). Irises are the flowers of my childhood. My mom`s garden was filled with the purple ones. Love them for their magnificent colors, tonality and intriguingly shaped petals..

    Jennifer Crouch“Grapes I” (7x9" oil on paper). Purple is my favorite color so I love that this simple, loose study allowed me to use so many variations of the color.

    Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the artworks of our members! Be sure to check out our other blogs as we celebrate the unique artworks of DMV-based artists. 

  • 19 Nov 2021 4:02 PM | Anonymous

    Our exhibition team has been busy designing a varied and creative lineup of shows for 2022, including several venues that are new to us. Below is the schedule for the year ahead, so that you can start planning.

    Tasting Room at Windridge Vineyard - ongoing

    We're thrilled to continue our quarterly installments at vineyard in Darnestown, Maryland. Windridge's owner curates the display, selecting from your submissions. The next show is themed "seasonal inspirations." Submissions accepted December 2-12. Show manager: Kathy Tynan. More info

    MAA at the Oasis Gallery: January 10-April 15

    Registration opens November 17 for this in-person show at the Oasis Gallery inside Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Maryland. MAA members will also offer workshops for Oasis' lifelong learners. Show manager: Helen Wood. More info

    Two Kensington Park Library Shows: February & November

    February's show will feature 25 wall works, plus some 3D pieces, all meeting the theme "Ode to Joy." November's show provides an opportunity to showcase small works meeting the theme "For the Love of Books." Show manager: Amelia DeSilva. More info

    The Nature of Art, Brookside Gardens: March 15-April 4

    MAA will be there as spring blossoms in one of the county's prettiest parks. We'll display nature-themed artwork on the walls of the spacious and light-filled visitor center. This is often one of our most popular shows! Show manager: Mita Lazarte

    Benjamin Gaither Center Exhibition: April-June

    New! The center offers day and evening classes and special events, resulting in consistent visitors throughout its art-lined halls. We'll show around 40 works for a three-month span. Show managers: Holly Buehler and Therese Capal

    MAA at Busboys & Poets: May-July

    New! Busboys & Poets is a restaurant and bookstore “where racial and cultural connections are consciously uplifted." That mission is the theme of a three-month show at the Takoma (DC) location. Show managers: Lily Kak and Deb Walmer

    All Abstracts at the Daily Dish: May-June

    New! The brightly hued walls at this Silver Spring restaurant lend themselves well to abstract paintings. We'll host a small show of all abstracts to start summer. Show manager: Jamie Downs

    Creative Expressions: June

    We always look forward to this marquee event on our annual calendar, with a judge awarding prizes in multiple categories. Show managers: Sandra Cane and Amelia DeSilva

    Paint the Town Labor Day Show: September 3-5

    Our biggest event of the year! The annual Paint the Town Labor Day Show and plein air competition is September 3-5 in Kensington, Maryland. Show managers: Anastasia Walsh and Paula Zeller

    Our Stories: Loving our Planet: November-December

    Our third annual online show provides an opportunity for artists to write a short vignette to tell the story behind their piece of art. The theme of the 2022 show is "loving our planet." Show manager: Martina Sestakova

    MAA at the Goldman Art Gallery: TBD

    Our 2021 show "GIFTED: 10x10 Works" was such a success that the Goldman Art Gallery team has asked us to return next year. Details to come.

    • More Info: Full details about these exhibitions will be added to our website as soon as they become available. Additional shows may be added, too, and all shows and dates are subject to change. We'll always send you info via email and post it on social media; check our 2022 calendar for updates, too.

    • Volunteer with Us: Interested in being a show manager or helping to produce a show? Email us.
  • 26 Oct 2021 8:35 AM | Kathleen Tynan (Administrator)

    Lives in: Silver Spring, Maryland


    Social Media: Instagram @larosaarroyo

    Media and subjects: Photography and Painting

    Why you joined MAA: To become a part of a local artist's community to help facilitate my encouragement and growth and those of my fellow members. 

    Something fun about you: I am inspired by the two to three sketchbooks my 12-year-old daughter fills in a week. I live my life vicariously through her art and hope that one day I can be as dedicated as she is.

    Artist Biography LaRosa is an art teacher with 29 years of experience. She is originally from Columbia, South Carolina. She holds a BFA in Studio Art from Winthrop University and an MAT from the University of South Carolina. In addition, she is a National Board-Certified Teacher. and a member of the ART21 cohort program. During her summers, she enjoys attending workshops and her favorite is SCAD in Savannah, GA. She is married with 2 children and a cockapoo.

    Please enjoy viewing several of LaRosa's beautiful artworks. 


  • 18 Oct 2021 8:09 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    Members of Montgomery Art Association come from all walks of life and their artworks and creative processes reflect this wonderful variety. In this blog, we invite you to enjoy a selection of pieces that explore the theme of Fall. Scroll down to enjoy a lovely array of ideas!

    Rosemary Behizadeh Yue, "Russet Grasses" (12x12” acrylic on canvas). Tressa Hummel, reference photo credit. Although the tree is still green, we can tell from the grasses that Fall is already here.

    Maria-Elena Lazarte, "Autumn" (16x20” acrylics on canvas). This painting is one of my early paintings on acrylics. I did the setup for this painting dried hydrangeas and purple coneflowers, one of my favorite purple bottles and the tiny Pumpkin to represent Fall.

    Anastasia Walsh“Falling in Love” (paper collage on ceramic tile 6x6”). I was inspired by Zora Neale Hurston’s quote, “I didn’t just fall in love. I made a parachute jump.”

    Christopher Hoppe, "Autumn's Crimson Passion" (oil on canvas 18x24"). Fall is my favorite time and was painting trees because I love painting trees.

    Vicky Surles, “December Deer” (watercolor 18x22”). A visiting deer hoping for a food handout at Massanutten Mountain resort.

    Martina Sestakova, "The River Keeps Flowing" (Acrylic ink on yupo, 4x6"). This painting is a result of my recent camping adventures, often by delightful creeks. What better adventure in the Fall! Water is so healing. An ever-changing stream that just keeps going: a sign of hope to me. I hope you find this piece calming, yet exciting. A vivid exploration of indigo, which is so lovely.

    Leslie Kraff, "Hues of October" (11x14" oil).

    Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the artworks of our members! Be sure to check out our other blogs as we celebrate the unique artworks of DMV-based artists. 

  • 29 Sep 2021 7:41 AM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    by Jennifer Crouch
    MAA Volunteer

    Forty hours. That's how long it took Alden Schofield to complete Passage of Time, the recipient of the Bertha Clum Award, the top award at MAA's Paint the Town art show this September.

    Working from an original photo, Schofield switched gears after he started the piece, deciding to incorporate an older engine to show the changes in time, rather than the Marc train that is in the inspiration photo.

    "My goal was to give people the view of changes throughout time, to reminisce about the past and how it would have appeared. In addition, painting from a different approach than normally expected," Alden said.

    Though Schofield's style is typically realistic, he more often paints landscapes. Attempting a painting that was both "mechanical and ghostly" stretched his creativity, obviously, to successful results.

    With many pieces in the Kensington category in this year's Paint the Town art show, competition was high for the top award. A distinction Schofield appreciated, "I am very honored to receive such a prestigious award." 

    Schofield's words of wisdom for other artists? "I feel that challenging oneself to do new things is quite rewarding in many ways. It continues your growth as an artist and hopefully the recognition."

    The Bertha Clum Award is named for a lifelong Kensington resident passionate about art and gardening. She passed away in 1986. She was an original founder of the Paint the Town art show.

    Montgomery Municipal Cable published this video about the local icon earlier this year in honor of Women's History Month: Remembering Kensington Icon Bertha Clum.

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